Oddbins unveils its charity Christmas advert that cost just £10 000

Oddbins unveils its charity Christmas advert that cost just £10,000 - compared to the £1m John Lewis blockbuster budget


Oddbins has become the latest retailer to release its Christmas advert and unlike its High Street rivals it has been made on a shoestring budget.

The online advert - which features a fox abducting a grumpy shopper and whisking him away to a hidden Christmas fox grotto - cost just £10,000 to make.

The cost stands in stark contrast to John Lewis, which spent £1million making its Christmas advert campaign this year, while Sainsbury's was reported to have forked out a whopping £20.5million in 2014.

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Known for its bargains: The Oddbins video was made on exactly 0.001 per cent of the budget of this year's John Lewis blockbuster advert

Known for its bargains: The Oddbins video was made on exactly 0.001 per cent of the budget of this year's John Lewis blockbuster advert

The advert has already had 500,000 views across YouTube and Facebook and gives shoppers the chance to win stuffed fox toys and wine tastings hosted by celebrities as part of its Christmas campaign.

The stars that have signed-up to the campaign include Olivia Colman, star of ITV's Broadchurch and Channel 4's Peep Show, as well as ex-cricketer Sir Ian Botham and Arsenal football legend Bob Wilson. 

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Ayo Akintola, managing director at Oddbins, said: 'We want our customers to give a fox about the quality and value of what they drink over the festive season and in the process raise thousands of pounds for charities.  

'Our video was made on exactly 0.001 per cent of the budget of this year's John Lewis Christmas advert.'

He added: 'It won't pull on the heartstrings, the message is totally different, you won't be sick of hearing the song by the start of December and it won't trigger a national debate about British culture. Other than that they are very similar.'

Other promotions include the chance to win a weekend in Champagne by finding fox tokens hidden in stores and locations close to branches. 

Customers who find fox labels hidden in the newly released Oddbins No 6 beer will win a case of Oddbins' finest craft ales. 

The attempt by Oddbins could not be further away from the John Lewis Christmas advert which was voted the best of the year so far. An overwhelming 72 per cent of MailOnline readers deeming it their favourite festive ad - seeing off rival campaigns from Harrods, Currys, Waitrose, Asda and Boots.

The two-minute production – which cost £1million to produce with a further £6million being spent on booking TV slots – begins with a little girl called Lily using a telescope to spy on an old man, who lives alone on the moon. 



It is a tear-jerking story with cinematography rivalling a multi-million pound film production.

The little girl tries desperately to send him a message but all her efforts fail, while he remains unaware that anyone cares about him and sits alone on a bench, wistfully staring up at the Earth.

Eventually, on Christmas morning, a present arrives from the sky, carried by party balloons, and the elderly man unwraps it to reveal a vintage telescope.

He uses it to spot Lily and, realising that someone cares about him, his eyes fill with tears.

As with previous John Lewis adverts, this one follows the same pattern of having tear-jerking music in the background - in the form of a cover of Oasis song Half The World Away.

Fans were also fond of the ad campaign by Boots - which saw American music video producer Joseph Kahn drafted in to create a colourful Christmas offering.

Receiving five per cent of the votes, the advert features an array of colours and Christmas sparkle and takes viewers on a voyage showcasing the world of elegance, pampering, luxury and fragrance.

The company said it wanted to create an 'exciting, Christmassy world packed full of beauty gifts we'd all love to give and receive', adding: 'Upbeat and fun, it's designed to get us all in the mood for Christmas festivities'. 

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